Autoimmune Protocol Paleo Certi
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What is the AIP Protocol?

The autoimmune paleo protocol is a science-based dietary and lifestyle approach to help manage autoimmune disease. The protocol also helps to address symptoms of chronic illness. Chronic ailments might not be diagnosed as an autoimmune disease but can cause an impact on your daily living.

How could coaching help you?

AIP coaching helps guide you through the AIP protocol providing practical strategies to help you implement dietary and lifestyle interventions which may help appease the symptoms of chronic illness and autoimmune disease.

AIP One to One Coaching

The Autoimmunity Nutritionist Clinic offers AIP one to one coaching and will be offering group coaching programmes from the summer 2022.

AIP One to One Coaching includes:

  • An in-depth, personalised consultation to set goals and establish a plan
  • Personal health assessment
  • Virtual AIP coaching
  • 1:1 session
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Fine-tuning
  • Helpful resources & handouts
  • Meal and lifestyle advice
  • 15% supplement discount
  • Optional exploratory functional testing (at additional cost)


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AIP One to One Coaching


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