90min-2hr workshop

An interactive class for 4 – 30 people, which can cover a topic in some depth. There are learning activities for participants to gain knowledge and help build skills. There is also time to workshop ideas and specific issues.
from £400

Some example subjects include:

Food for Thought

In this session we will discuss the effects of dietary and lifestyle interventions on mental wellbeing based on current scientific evidence which supports the link between the food you eat and your mood. As part of the workshop, I will discuss a ‘day in the life’ case study of how food and lifestyle techniques can support you on a working day. This includes a emphasis on foods and ways of working, as well as breathing techniques which may promote mental wellbeing, and how certain nutritional deficiencies and imbalances may have a profound impact on the way you feel and think. After the session employees should feel empowered to make good food choices based on the way they feel and the challenges of their day, to work better and feel happier.

Brain Changer

In order to achieve more we need to think better, and it is now apparent from research that the food we eat can have a huge impact on how sharp our thoughts are and how productive we can be in our lives. This session focuses on foods and techniques which may promote you mental ability including functional foods which power your brain, help with mental clarity and provide peace of mind after a busy day. The session will also discuss how different fasting techniques may help stimulate the production of new neurones and how lifestyle techniques such as meditation can help to unravel a busy mind. After the session, employees will have the tools to perform to their best when the need to the most and provides them with the education to think differently.

If you would like to discuss my offering of employee wellness workshops please get in contact or book directly on the website calendar.

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