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I offer a 15 minute exploratory call for free so please do email me to arrange this if you are interested. From there, I will then ask you to complete a health assessment and will arrange an 50 minute consultation with you, either face to face or through Skype (or call) and I will provide you with a health optimisation plan. We will then arrange to see each other 1 month after our initial meeting.

My practice seeks to find the root cause of your underlying condition (in line with the functional medicine approach) through one to one sessions with you offering health assessments, meal plan recommendations, health optimisation plans and functional diagnostic testing, as well as regular check ins and food diary reviews.

My personalised functional testing packages offer the following tests:

  • Genetic profiling (DNA Life)
  • Gut health testing (GI MAP)
  • Toxicity and nutrient deficiency testing
  • Hormonal testing (DUTCH test)
  • Cardiovascular disease markers
  • Liver function tests

As well as many others.

Contact me to arrange your FREE exploratory consultation today!



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