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  • chronic fatigue
  • skin issues
  • hair loss
  • weight gain
  • anxiety
  • digestive upset
  • low mood
  • brain fog

The clinic offers a 5 step Autoimmune Recovery Guide using functional medicine principles to help clients manage symptoms, feel empowered to make healthy choices and live a life with energy, optimism and courage.

Hi, I’m VJ! I am a Nutritionist & Expert in Autoimmune Disease.

I help strong-willed women with autoimmune disease regain their strength and live a full and symptom-free life.

After 25 years of suffering from multiple autoimmune conditions that affected my energy, skin, hair and joints, I discovered after studying Immunology and Functional Medicine and training as a Nutritionist Therapist that by uncovering the root cause of my issues, I was able to transform my health and now live free of symptoms. 

I uses these same principles in my nutritional therapy clinic to help women with autoimmune disease regain their strength and live a whole and symptom-free life.

You can read my full story here.

Here is what we offer at the clinic:

  • Health Transformation Packages
  • Group Health Coaching Programs
  • One to One Consultations
  • Corporate Wellbeing Events
  • Meal and Recipe Planning
  • Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) Coaching

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The Autoimmunity Community is for strong-willed women with either a diagnosed autoimmune disease or chronic inflammatory symptoms to share information on the highs and lows of living with these unpredictable conditions to help you regain your strength and feel yourself again!

With the right mindset and dietary changes, you can make significant progress with your health so you can feel better and live again! I am here to give you hope that there is life after an autoimmune diagnosis.

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What is Autoimmune Disease?

Autoimmune disease relates to an group of illnesses where the body’s immune system targets its own organs and tissue. As a result, the cells of the immune system can cause damage to areas of the body. This damage can lead to chronic illness and disease.

Here are some of the better known autoimmune diseases:
















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A bit about my background

VJ is a qualified Nutritional Therapist based in Central London and Harrogate focusing on autoimmune disease including skin conditions, neurological and brain issues, chronic fatigue, and cardiovascular disorders.

Most noteworthy, VJ’s offering incorporates a comprehensive assessment of the immune system, gut health and blood sugar regulation which is often compromised in chronic illness.

Furthermore, VJ has a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry and Immunology which she uses in her practice, using only nutritional therapies based on scientific evidence to support chronic conditions.

VJ is an AIP Certified Coach – having the skills to coach autoimmune sufferers through the AIP protocol. In addition, VJ is a DNALife Practitioner and is able to advise on a dietary protocol to suit your genetic profile.

Above all, VJ is keen to share her knowledge in health, the immune system and nutrition. Victoria is an enthusiastic health writer whose articles are published frequently in Thrive Magazine, where VJ acts as a ‘Thrive Expert‘.

VJ has recently contributed to a number of books on health empowerment and arthritis which will be published in 2021. VJ is also writing a book called Outsmart Autoimmune Disease which you can pre-order HERE.

VJ is passionate about health and wellness from her own struggle with autoimmune disease, as well as supporting her brother with MS and members of her family who suffer with autoimmune conditions. See VJ’s STORY to find out more about her journey to become a Nutritional Therapist and her passion to help those struggling with autoimmune disorders.

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Autoimmunity Policy Briefing

Read this factsheet produced by the British Society of Immunology to understand these complex diseases better.


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