Are you suffering with an autoimmune disorder or do you have a family history of autoimmune conditions and you want to take preventative measures to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Then an Autoimmunity Transformation Package might be right for you.

What is Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disease relates to an illness where the body’s immune system targets self tissue rather than foreign particles like pathogens as it should do. As a result, the cells of the immune system can cause damage to self tissue, and if this relates to a particular organ in the body then it will likely cause harm to that organ which is how specific autoimmune diseases are usually defined.

For example, in multiple sclerosis, the body targets the myelin sheath of a nerve cell which helps the nerve communicate with other parts of the body. Without this communication channel, the body starts to dysfunction causing issues in the body including movement, memory and energy. However, in more systemic autoimmune conditions such as sarcoidosis and lupus, the body can cause inflammation in many different organs including the eyes, lungs and liver.

Some of the better known autoimmune disorders include:

Multiple Sclerosis

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



Coeliac Disease

Alopecia Areata

Type 1 Diabetes

However, there is growing evidence that cardiovascular conditions may aslo have an autoimmune component due to vasculitis of the vessels, so the Autoimmune Transformation Package is also relevant for those who would like to improve their heart health.

What causes Autoimmune Disorders?

There are various theories on the cause of autoimmune disease which is likely to be due to a number of factors but current research supports that it is made up of the following 3 elements:

A genetic predisposition

A trigger from either the environment, food or pathogen including viruses, bacteria or fungi

A leaky biological barrier: to put simply, a protective surface in the body which has become impaired, allowing the ‘trigger’ to access the body, for example, so called leaky gut (intestinal permeability) and a leaky blood brain barrier.

How can the Autoimmune Transformation Package help you?

The Autoimmune Transformation Package addresses these key components of autoimmune disease which includes:

exploratory testing

Exploratory testing to understand the root cause of the condition and the genetic elements at play, including either the GI map (stool) test, an organic acid test (mitochondrial health) or a genetic test (chosen dependent on presenting symptoms and family history)

comprehensive health assessment

A comprehensive health assessment of current symptoms, health and family history and lifestyle factors

3 x 50 minute face to face or remote health consultations

health progression plan

A health progression plan with dietary and lifestyle advice to follow over a 3 month period

A supplement plan with 15% discount on well known supplement brands

Optional extras include:

Unlimited email support throughout the protocol to help keep on track

Weekly food diary reviews and advice

 A weekly call lasting 20 minutes to check in on progress

Given the nature of autoimmune disease and the nourishment the body requires to support these conditions, for best results these packages are offered for a minimum of 3 months, but a longer protocol is advised ranging from 6 to 18 months.

The starting price for a 3 month Autoimmune Transformation Package including 3 consultations (face to face or remote), an exploratory test, a comprehensive health assessment, and a health progression plan including a supplement plan and protocol is £650.

Please do get in touch using the contact page if you are ready to start taking steps to improve your health with nutritional therapy.

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